Maintenance Repair & Overhaul – Products and Services

Product Support:

Aircraft Accessories
  • Electro-Mechanical – Starters, CSDs, IDGs, Generators, Fans, Actuators, Valves
  • Pneumatic – Starters, PRBCs, Air Cycle Machines, Valves
  • Hydraulic – Gear Boxes, Pumps, Transmissions, Actuators, Cylinders, Valves
  • Electronics – Control Units, Valves, Oil Coolers
Structures and Advanced Composite
  • Products – Nacelles, Reversers, Flight Control Surfaces, Radomes, Tail Cones, Cowling, Ducts, Doors and Fairings
  • Services – In-house DER, Transmissivity Test Range, In-House Tooling Manufacture, Advanced Machining, Non-Destructive Analysis
Electronics, Avionics and Instruments
  • Electronics – GCUs, Bus Protection Panels, Temperature Controls, Power Supplies, Static Inverters
  • Avionics – TCAS, VOR, ADF, Radars, Indicators, Antennas, Transponders, INU, IRU, DU, Wind Shear Radars
  • Instruments – EPR Transmitters, Air Data Computers, RMI, Cockpit Voice Recorders, Gyros
  • Indicators – Course, Flap Position, Fuel Flow, Fuel Qty, Pressure Ratio, Temperature
Power Plant
  • Engine Components – Fuel Pumps, Flow Dividers, Fuel Heaters, Fuel Nozzle's, Harnesses, MECs, FFRs
Wheels and Brakes
  • ABSC, Bendix, Dunlop, & Goodrich
  • HEICO currently manages Cost Per Landing programs and Fixed Price programs for several major airlines. For our contract customers, we offer access to asset pools, accommodating immediate and/or advance exchange requirements.