Engineering Services

  • Technical Competence & Support: 30+ Engineers
  • Advanced Solutions: Over 400 FAA-DER repairs developed every year

Benefits of FAA-DER Repair & Fabrication//FAA-Approved Alternative Parts:

  • Cost Savings
  • Supply Assurances
  • Reduction in Operator Inventory Levels by Improving TAT
  • Reduction in BER Occurrences
  • Promotes a Competitive Environment - (Dual Sourcing)

FAA & EASA Reciprocal Acceptance

HEICO Repair Group’s service capabilities continue to grow, fueled by our airline partners’ requirements to reduce costs of operation.

Most aircraft operators understand that creating and maintaining the options to use FAA-Approved Alternative Parts and DER repairs ensures better pricing, keeps maintenance costs in check, and independent MROs competitive.

There is no company better positioned in the industry than HEICO, to combat rising maintenance costs, while sustaining the highest levels of quality and service that our customers expect.