HEICO is ISO9001:2000 registered and AS9100:2001 compliant and is site survey approved by the US Air Force and US Navy. HEICO meets the Universal Site Survey requirement for Critical Safety Items (CSI) and specialized engine hot-section component repairs, and is currently a U.S. Department of Defense prime contractor with extensive contracting history with the US Air Force, US Navy, and Defense Logistics Agency for a wide range of reverse-engineered and break-out parts. HEICO's continuous focus on Quality is proven with not a single QDR issued against a HEICO part.

As the US Department of Defense agencies are facing increasing challenges in weapons systems sustainment, the benefits of commercial derivative weapons systems are significant. HEICO has designed and developed over 10,000 FAA-Approved aircraft and engine replacement parts, utilized by major airlines globally. HEICO consistently exceeds Engineering Support Activity (ESA) source qualification requirements even for critical rotating parts. For this reason HEICO provides military customers with mission-ready solutions inclusive of the development of FAA-Approved alternative parts and complete data packages without the use of OEM proprietary technical data.

HEICO provides options to otherwise sole source environments.

Parts and Part Repair Services

  • Supply of dual use parts on a commercial basis IAW FAR Part 12
  • Reverse-engineering/Rapid Prototyping and testing of parts.
  • Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) solutions
  • Alternative part qualification and supply to enhance competition and increase part supply availability to hedge against MICAPs/Work Stoppages that adversely impact PDM Flow Days.
  • Commercial Derivative Repairs (CDRs)
  • Engine Part Repair Services

Engines Supported (Parts and Part Repair)

  • F101
  • F110
  • TF33
  • TF34
  • TF39
  • F108
  • F103
  • CF6-50
  • CF6-80C2
  • CF6-80E1
  • JT8D-Std
  • JT8D-200 series
  • T-56 Series III
  • LM500/2500/2500+/5000/6000

Weapons Systems Supported

  • B1B
  • B52
  • C-130
  • E-3
  • E-4B
  • E-6
  • E-8
  • F-15
  • F-16
  • KC-10
  • KC-135
  • P-3
  • P-8

Parts for Following Component Types

  • Mainship and Emergency Batteries
  • Main Fuel Pumps/Controls/Nozzles
  • VBV Fuel Gear Motors, CSDs/IDGs
  • Starters
  • ACMs/Cooling Turbines

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HEICO Defense - Parts and Repair:

E-mail: defense@heico.com