Switchcraft and Conxall




  • 12 to 140 ton presses
  • Injection molding, insert molding and overmolding
  • Multi-cavity or runner-less molding
  • More than 70 engineered plastics
  • Mold design, mold making and mold repair


  • High speed Bruderers
  • Minster and Havir presses
  • In die monitoring ensures quality and die protection

Machining Centers- CNC and Swiss

In-house Electroplating


  • Automated, semi-automated, and hand assembly
  • Assembly fixtures built in house
  • Full manufacturing engineering capabilities

Quality Assurance Team


  • Advanced CAD capabilities enable Switchcraft engineers to create 3-dimensional solid models, as well as SLA and SLS prototypes
  • Molding, milling and drilling machines, grinders, saws, and lathes for prompt prototyping
  • In-house testing facilities
  • Environmental test lab equipped to analyze and measure salt spray and humidity resistance, life cycle, compatibility with military and commercial parameters, tensile strength, Hi-pot testing, shock and vibration.
  • Talented staff of engineers in Chicago and Villa Park, IL locations, with an intimate understanding of the latest in engineered materials
  • Custom product to meet your requirements
  • Full use of modeling and simulation software, for electronic and mechanical design
  • Ability to provide rapid prototypes quickly after initial design concepts are completed
  • Test lab and model shop on site for product development

Testing Capabilities for Electrical Properties

  • Insulation resistance
  • Breakdown voltage
  • Contact resistance
  • Return losses
  • Frequency response measurement

Mechanical Properties

  • Force testing
  • Life cycle testing
  • Low level vibration

Environmental Testing

  • Thermo cycling
  • Salt spray
  • Humidity vs. temperature testing
  • NEMA 250 (6P) - IP 66/ 67/ 68

Molding, stamping, plating, machining, and assembly are done in the United States, specifically at our 185,000 square foot Chicago facility. Furthermore our facility in Villa Park, IL provides connector assembly and molded cable. Manufacturing in the US allows us to maintain strict control of production and quality.

An additional manufacturing facility in Inchon, Republic of South Korea supports customers in the Far East.

An increasing number of our molds and dies are built and maintained in-house.

Using Statistical Process Control standards, we monitor and maintain consistent manufacturing performance.

We are able to meet the demands of worldwide approval agencies including UL, CSA, VDE, Semko, Demko, Nemko, SETI, SEV, Mil-Spec and IP68.

A network of international distributors markets our products worldwide.