Solid Sealing Technology

About Us

Solid Sealing Technology designs and manufactures essential electrical components for today’s high-tech world. Our creative material-joining technologies bond ceramics and glass to metal to offer innovative sealing solutions in the form of hermetic feedthroughs, connectors, and assemblies. Experts in design, SST offers a vast array of high-performance products that improve reliability for customers facing demanding engineering environments. And for customers with unique challenges, SST’s skilled engineering group creates fully customized parts from the ground up.

Working with an unrivaled commitment to quality and customer service, SST inspires innovation and enables technology around the world.


At SST, our focus is on customer satisfaction. We strive to constantly improve our quality management system and product performance, and we are proud to be ISO9001 certified. Our commitment to continuous improvement extends to all aspects of our business, from our first contact with a customer to delivery of the final part. Through our persistent attention to quality and customer service, we ensure that we exceed our customers’ needs with reliable high-performing products.

About Us