Sierra Microwave Technology


20,000 Square Foot Facility Including:

  • AutoCAD and Solid Modeling Design Stations
  • Structural and Thermal Analysis
  • Extensive Commercial and In-House Microwave Engineering Simulation
  • Tools, including High Power Digital and Control Software for automatic testing
  • Printed Circuit Board Layout Design
  • CNC Machine Shop
  • Technical Ceramics Fabrication Shop
  • PWA Design and Manufacturing
  • Class 10,000 Clean Room
  • Thermosonic Wire Bonding
  • Parallel Gap (Ribbon) Weld/Solder
  • High Temperature Inert Gas Eutectic Die Attach
  • Plasma Ion Etching
  • UV Ozone Clean
  • Hi-Rel Packaging including Heat Sealed Vacuum/Gas Purged H-Rel
  • ESD Handling to Class 0
  • Destructive Physical Analysis/Inspection Facilities
  • Real Time X-Ray
  • SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)/EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray)
  • XRF with SDD
  • Mitutoyo Vision Inspection System 147X
  • Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND) Station
  • Vector Network Analysis to 65 GHz
  • Spectrum Analysis to 40 GHz
  • Digital Oscilloscopes to 1 GHz BW
  • 1 to 40 GHz Reverberation EMC Test Chamber
  • Thermally Controlled Airstream Test Stations
  • Temperature Cycling Chambers and Baking Ovens
  • Multiple Chambers for Thermal Vacuum (High Vacuum) Testing
  • Gross Leak Testing
  • Humidity Testing
  • Corona/Atmospheric Ascent (Partial Pressure) Testing
  • RF and DC Power Testing
  • Computerized Multipaction Testing up to 26.5 GHz
  • High Power Solid State and TWT Amplifiers
  • Computerized Component Glitch Testing