Santa Barbara Infrared


SBIR has four main product lines:

Standard Products
  • SBIR offers an extensive line of reliable, high performance test equipment used to characterize and calibrate IR, Visible and Laser systems. Products include blackbodies, visible sources, target wheels, targets, collimators, target projectors, laser test modules/systems and IRWindows™ software for automated testing. These modular, cost effective instruments are user-friendly and easily integrated into automated test systems. For more information, including printable data sheets, select a product from the list.
Commercial Test Systems
  • Commercial use of infrared cameras has grown steadily over the last decade, driving the need for higher production rates, reduced test times and lower development costs. SBIR integrates its' standard instruments and IRWindows™ software into turn-key production test systems. These systems are configured specifically for each application to provide consistent and repeatable testing throughout the development, production and service phases of camera manufacturing.
  • One of Santa Barbara Infrared's core strengths is the design of high-end electro-optical test equipment. SBIR's engineering department can design the optics, along with IR, visible, or laser sources to properly test any sensor system.
Military Test Systems
  • Santa Barbara Infrared is the leading supplier of sophisticated, integrated, multi-function E-O test systems used by the military in laboratory, factory, depot and field test environments. Each of these systems are built to specific requirements and utilize SBIR's extensive design and test capabilities, core technologies and knowledge of the unique military applications. SBIR specializes in providing complete solutions with integrated hardware and software resulting in robust and easy-to-use systems.

    Test systems have included:

    • Flight line test systems for targeting and navigation pods
    • Flight line test systems for multi-sensor boresight (Laser/Vis/IR)
    • First tier test systems for fielded sights and sensor systems
    • Dockside periscope test systems
    • Navy depot on-ship E-O/IR test systems
    • Test systems for mobile shelter environments
  • SBIR's Multi-Spectral Test Systems can be configured for automated testing of FLIRs, Visible Systems (Video and DVO), Laser Range Finders, Designators, and Trackers.
Dynamic Scene Projection Systems.
  • In 1999, SBIR introduced MIRAGE™, the world's first integrated Dynamic IR Scene Projection System, designed to support hardware-in-the-loop testing of missile seekers, FLIRs, counter measure simulation and tracking systems. MIRAGE™ is a complete turnkey infrared scene projector that utilizes unique resistive emitter array technology to produce high definition dynamic IR scenes. The original MIRAGE™-1 used a 512 x 511 pixel resistive array emitter capable of frame rates up to 200 Hz. Below is a list outlining the progression of the product line and a list of SBIR's currently available scene generation systems:
    • MIRAGE™-1 (512 x 511, maximum temperature 475K)
    • MIRAGE™-1.5 (512 x 511, maximum temperature 575 K)
    • MIRAGE™-H (512 x 512, maximum temperature 675K)
    • MIRAGE™-XL (1024 x 1024, maximum temperature 675K)
  • Special MIRAGE™ systems to meet unique customer requirements include:
    • MIRAGE™-CR (512 x 512 , 50K to 650K apparent temperature)
    • MIRAGE™-WF (768 x 1536, maximum temperature 600K)
    • MIRAGE™-XL-CR1 (1024 x 1024, 50K to 650K apparent temperature)
  • MIRAGE™ is an integrated scene projection solution—not a technology or component. Signal processing electronics, power supplies, emitter array cooling, calibration (non-uniformity correction) hardware, and user interface software are all integrated with the MIRAGE™ emitter engine. SBIR's MIRAGE™ products offer high fidelity simulation capability in a system that is reliable and easy to use.
  • Each of these products produce high definition dynamic IR scenes for land, air and space based simulations. SBIR's patented systems are in use at government and defense contractor installations throughout the world.