Robertson Fuel Systems, LLC

About Us

Robertson Fuel Systems prevents post-incident fires in aircraft and ground vehicles. Since 1976, our mission and legacy is to ensure the safety of those who protect us and to provide survivable fuel solutions on the ground and in the air.

Robertson Fuel Systems, is the world leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of crashworthy, self-sealing, and ballistically tolerant auxiliary and primary fuel systems. Robertson has designed, tested, and qualified over 60 unique fuel systems, producing over 11,000. These systems have achieved millions of in-service hours in all environments, including extensive combat operations.

Robertson Extends the Reach of Freedom for rotary wing aircraft in every Branch and Service of the U.S. Department of Defense and over 35 International countries. While our products help save lives around the world, Tempe, Arizona has been the heartbeat of our operations for four decades. From our home base we've helped grow the local economy by providing hundreds of careers in aerospace, engineering and manufacturing. And by nurturing a culture that encourages creativity and innovation, our team both helps save lives and shines a powerful spotlight on our contributions to our local community. Like our customers, we are on a mission. It's our job to help bring everyone home safely.

About Us