Reinhold Industries

Products and Services

Space and Defense Product Offering

Diverse range of products leveraging Reinhold’s breadth of composite and metal manufacturing capabilities

Why Space and Defense Composites Are Attractive

  • Products require a higher level of precision and conformance
  • Products must meet strength, weight, thermal requirements and other critical thresholds
  • Manufacture requires differentiated and technically-difficult production capabilities

How Reinhold Is Further Differentiated

  • Large-scale manufacturing capable of producing a wide range of products sizes
  • Full machining capability across composites, metals and hybrids, including new generation equipment
  • Cure capabilities using autoclaves, hydroclaves, ovens, presses, and “out of autoclave” technologies.
  • Experienced staff of program management and project engineers
  • Experience and capabilities for both development and high-volume production
  • Significant production capacity
Products and Services

Key Programs Overview

Reinhold produces advanced composite components and large hybrid metal-composite assemblies

Aerospace, Defense, and Space Portfolio Overview


PAC-2 / GEM-T Ground based interceptor
Standard Missile Sea based interceptor
GMD Ground based strategic interceptor
D5 Strategic deterrent
Launch Vehicle Satellite insertion
Kiowa MMS Rotorcraft optics system
Boeing BAC 5090 Thermoplastic processing qualification
Reinhold Aerospace Program Images

Case Study: Patriot PAC-2/GEM-T

Expanding Work Statement on Patriot PAC-2

Evolution of Reinhold’s Role


Reinhold is a legacy Patriot supplier for nozzles


Requires advanced metal machining and machining of bonded composite-metal components

Seamless program transition including simultaneous production ramp-up and program growth (increasing orders)

Old program design and obsolete drawing requiring reverse engineering of the production process


Close collaboration with the customer to transfer manufacturing knowledge

Deploy engineering and manufacturing resources to understand processes, techniques and ways to leverage Reinhold’s technologies to quickly ramp up production

Matched skills of direct labor pool to program and manufacturing requirements


Reinhold now produces expanded number of components, sub-assemblies and assemblies

Reinhold Expanding Work Statement

Case Study: Complex Shaped Composites

How Reinhold Is Further Differentiated

Multiple ply layup unidirectional and fabric prepregs

CNC automated patterns

Reinhold designed composite tooling

Autoclave cure

Experienced staff of program management and project engineers

Available production capacity

Reinhold Case Study