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Engines Fleets
• CF6
• CFM56
• PW2000
• PW4000
• V2500
• RB211
• CF-34
• Airbus
• Boeing
• Bombardier
• Embraer
• McDonnell Douglas
• Gulfstream



Parts Procurement:

Prime Air's highly trained sales professionals utilize their specialized knowledge to meet all procurement needs, including routine buying, as well as tailor-made program management to address inventory stock levels. All parts procurement are conducted according to Prime Air's strict ISO 9120 and ASA-quality guidelines, and meet all government regulations and requirements.


Leasing programs allow an airline to accomplish its short- and long-term fleet planning while avoiding unnecessary increases to cost and inventory. Prime Air offers customized purchase and lease programs so airlines can quickly access needed parts at a moment's notice.

Inventory Management/Consignment

Prime Air designs customized consignment programs to meet an airline's unique needs and manage underutilized or surplus inventory so it can be quickly converted to cash. Prime Air is a global leader in inventory management, keeping abreast of fluctuating price trends and making certain parts are readily available to customers as soon as they need them.

Repair Management

Our skilled, professional repair management team applies their extensive knowledge of repair and overhaul management so that airline maintenance teams can focus on fleet service. As part of the HEICO Repair Group, we work with the most highly qualified repair facilities and provide custom exchange programs that reduce costs and turnaround time. Our volume discounts are passed along directly to our customers.

Exchange Program

Prime Air offers customized exchange programs to meet ongoing and diverse maintenance demands. Our flexible exchange programs and strategic inventory positioning are essential for the reduction of inventory costs and aircraft downtime.

Engine/APU Group

Prime Air disassembles multiple engines and APUs. Consequently, we have become the aviation industry's premier independent supplier of commercial aircraft engine and auxiliary power unit components. Specializing in a wide range of large commercial engines and inventories, Prime Air maintains efficient record keeping to ensure that all engine and APU components meet the highest traceability standards.

AOG Support

24-hour AOG support is available seven days a week, 365 days a year. Inventories are maintained at three separate strategically placed locations to assure customers the quickest turnaround times and deliveries. Counter-to-counter service is provided and each part is accompanied with full traceability and documentation. Finally, Prime Air offers flexible solutions to AOG needs by providing outright purchase, exchange and lease options.

Products and Services