JetAvi Engineering, Pvt. Ltd.

Products and Services

Product Examples
  • Slipper Retainer Set
  • Transducer
  • Shutoff Sleeve
  • Gear - Ring
  • Plug
  • Bearing Matched Set
  • Plug (Boro)
  • Gear Shaft
  • Blanket - Thermal Top
  • Hinge Assembly
  • Gear - Spur
  • Ring, Sealing, Split
  • Fitting Seal Retainer
  • Rod End Bearing
  • Packing, Preformed, Wheel Seal
  • Bush
  • Tie Bolt
  • HPT Seal Ring
  • Liner - Pump
  • Nut
  • Cover-Assy, Actuator
  • Blade, Wiper
  • Diaphragm
  • Spring - Wavy Washer
  • Butterfly S/A
  • Nut Assembly - Actuator Drive
  • Shaft
  • Rod End-BRG Female
Electro-Mechanics/Electronics Products Designed:
  • Light-in-use
  • Flash Tube Assy
  • PCU Stretch
  • Lamp Holder
  • Faucet Timing Button
  • Power Control Unit (PCU)
  • Resistor - Variable
  • Flush Switch Assy
  • LVDT
  • Fluid Level Sensor
  • Telephone Handset
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Panel Return to Seat
Electro-Mechanics/Electronics Products Designed:
  • Insert RH
  • Literature Spring
  • Threshold
  • Escutcheon Latch Assembly - Food Tray
  • Translation Rail
  • Pin
  • Ash Tray
  • Waste Compt Door Assy. (Lavatory)
  • Arm Cap (Passenger Seat)
  • Diaphragm Assembly (Passenger Seat)
  • Escutcheon Armrest (Passenger Seat)
Engineering Services:

JetAvi provides complete design solutions in CAD/CAM using ProE, AutoCAD and SolidWorks including modeling, legacy conversion, detailing, drafting, etc. JetAvi designs in excess of 25% of new, highly engineered, FAA-approved HEICO parts each year. We have expertise in all aspects of design including materials selection, setting of datum, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, stacking of tolerancing for assemblies, and special processes callout for NDT, heat treatment, plating, etc. Our AS9100 certified design processes and methodology are honed by over 55 years of engineering excellence at HEICO. Our engineers, the core competence of the company, spend 90 days on rotation program in the US to get trained in this process and to gather requirements. Besides they are trained for over forty hours a year on various aspects of engineering and aerospace domain.

Aerospace domain knowledge is a key advantage that JetAvi has:

  • Aerospace is the only industry we cater to and we pride in our specialization
  • Comprehension of AMS, AS, ASTM, Mil Specification and the like
  • Mastery in IPC, CMM, SB, AD, and Repair Manuals

The products designed at JetAvi include complex parts such as impellers, gears, bearings, cylinders, IDG and CSD components, sensors such as LVDTs, proximity, temperature, pressure, batteries, etc.

Documentation Services:

At JetAvi, we routinely prepare documents required for getting approval from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for flight worthiness of aircraft parts. HEICO's divisions in the United States review these documents and submit to FAA for approval. Our expertise in Parts Manufacturer Approval of FAA is our biggest strength. We also prepare Repair Manuals for Designated Engineering Representative (DER) approved repairs of aircraft parts. Our technical writing skills are honed by preparing hundreds of documents that have been used to get FAA approval. Attention to details, in-depth understanding of FAA standards and requirements and design justification ability make our documentation services invaluable to our customers.

Metrology Services

JetAvi Metrology: "All About Measurement Professionals"

  • Manpower:
    • In-depth GD&T and metrology Skills Conversant with American and European standards but not limited to ASME, AS, ISO and the like
    • Vast aerospace experience
    • Mastery in the measurement of aircraft engine components, systems & accessories components, and interior components
  • Machines:
    • 2 CMMs (1 with vision measurement attachment), 1 VMM,
    • 2 CMMs (1 with vision measurement attachment), 1 VMM,
    • 1 Roughness Tester, and facility for Layout Inspection
  • Materials:
    • Measurement of components made of metals, elastomers, plastics, fabrics, ceramics, and composites
Products and Services