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  • RF devices

IRC's cameras and dewar assemblies are designed around the latest sensor technologies. These sensors use high speed, low noise digital read out integrated circuits (ROIC) that are compatible with a wide variety of detector materials, including InSb, HgCdTe, SLS, nBn and others. Digital ROIC's are faster, lower power and more stable than their analog counterparts, are immune to environmental noise, and feature zero crosstalk between pixels.

While our digital InSb mid wave cameras provide unsurpassed imaging today, new technologies hold the promise of even better infrared solutions tomorrow. As size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements become more critical IRC is working with two promising new detector materials that will soon result in a new generation of high performance infrared sensors that will meet the ever challenging SWaP requirements for infrared cameras.


IRCameras provides unmatched levels of technical and consultative support. Our focus on the more demanding applications of thermal imaging technology compels us to partner with our customers, not simply supply them. We maintain highly experienced Custom Engineering and Technical Support teams to facilitate everything from customization, installation and training to troubleshooting, repairs and upgrades.

To learn more about our exceptional support systems, please contact us.

Products and Services