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Underwater Acoustic Beacons

DK Series Underwater Acoustic Beacons carry the tradition of the N15F210B, but with the addition of an extended useful life. These beacons are designed and certified to FAA TSO-C121, and can operate to a depth of 20,000 feet.

Test Sets and Overhaul Kits are also available to verify operation and perform in-field maintenance. DukaneSeacom also offers complete overhaul and repair service for the acoustic beacon products. The DK100/DK130 beacons are sealed units and must be sent back to Dukane for overhaul exchange. The DK120/DK140 beacons, have a field replaceable battery.

Replacement batteries and battery change tooling can be ordered from our distribution partner (Seal Dynamics)

DukaneSeacom’s newest line of acoustic beacons are qualified to 90-day operational requirement specified in TSO-C121B.

Dukane-Seacom DK180 is designed and qualified to meet the newly developed standards FAA TSO-C200 / ETSO-C200 dated 6/26/2012 as per SAE–AS6254 issued on Feb-2012.

The DK180 will assist in the rapid location of airframe wreckage after an accident at sea by emitting a 8.8 kHz acoustic signal. The device will transmit for a minimum of 30 days in addition to the existing Underwater Location Device (ULD) requirements on FDR and VDR. The lower frequency acoustic signature of the DK180 travels farther than existing ULDs thus improving locating efforts.

  • Utilizes improved low voltage technology
  • Battery characteristics:
  • Single cell
  • Non-hazardous
  • Six year life
  • Solid cathode chemistry
  • Less active, more stable chemistry
  • High tolerance for rough handling
  • Manufactured to the same high quality design and test standards providing the high reliability you have come to expect.
  • Meets or exceeds all the FAA requirements without the need of any modification to existing mounting hardware
DK100 DK120 DK130 DK140
6 year useful life X X X X
Current Mounting Hardware X X X X
Factory Overhaul X X X X
Authorized by FAA to TSO-C121 X X X X
Longer Operating Life X X X X
High Tolerance for Rough Handling X X X X
Operation in water of depths to 20,000 feet X X X X
Water Tank Test X X X X
Sealed Unit X X X X
Field Replaceable Battery X X
Products and Services