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High Voltage Interconnect Systems
  • X-Ray Cables & Assemblies
    • Systems are available to carry accelerating voltages for such diverse x-ray requirements as diffraction at 50KVDC to flash x-ray photography at 1.3 Megavolts. Our x-ray cable assemblies are widely used in the medical, industrial, security and tube manufacturing industries.
  • Military Cables & Assemblies
    • Systems are designed and built to military specifications for radars, communications systems, sonars, rail guns and advanced weaponry. Having been a trusted partner of the military for nearly 40 years, DSI enjoys a reputation of being a pre-eminent supplier of high voltage and other exacting systems for deployment around the globe. We are considered a large business under FAR and generate and maintain SBO plans. Our Cage Code No. is 50509.
  • Commercial/Industrial Cables & Assemblies
    • The uses of high voltage in industrial systems are endless and typically specific to the application. Rated voltages run the gamut from a few tens of KV up to a megavolt. Often used for accelerating voltages for electron or ion beam application, DSI cable sets are utilized in the highest power electron beam welding applications, highly stable microamp ion beam mask repair systems, lithography, down–hole ion generation and a myriad of other applications
  • High Energy Physics Cables & Assemblies
    • From neutral ion beam injection cables on Tokamak reactors to klystron feed cables for linacs to pulsed beam line magnet supply cables, DSI cabling systems are found throughout the world in the most notable laboratories operating to exacting conditions and specifications.
Wire & Cable

High voltage wire and cable can be customized (e.g. shielded and/or jacketed with the materials of your choice) to your specifications. Contact our engineering department for more information.

Cast Products

Dielectric Sciences Inc. manufactures high quality castings for use as either high voltage insulation or encapsulation. Typically, the mating receptacle or female side of the high voltage connection system is a cast product, often epoxy, although various materials are utilized depending on the complexity of the interface and the environmental requirements.

Using our expertise in high voltage applications combined with our working knowledge of mold design and molding techniques, we developed the technologies required to provide castings suitable for high voltage cabling systems. We are often called upon to provide non cable-related products as illustrated herein.

  • Tube Shields
    • DSI cast shields are used on vacuum tubes, magnetrons, cyclotrons, gyrotrons and klystrons to improve their performance and reduce leakage and noise.
  • Insulators
    • We use our castings as the plug or socket body on most of our high voltage interconnects and cables to provide electrical insulation and protection from weathering.
  • Transformers
    • Large coils of high voltage transformers are cast to impart mechanical strength, protection from dust, dirt, moisture and corrosion.
  • Potting
    • Circuit elements, PCBs and transformers can be encapsulated and potted to reduce vibration, shield emissions and protect from moisture, dirt, corrosion and damage.
Neutron Scattering Products
  • Neutron Detectors
    • The Brookvine division of Essex X-Ray, a sister company of DSI and a member of the HVT Group, designs and manufactures fiber optically coupled scintillating neutron detectors. These units are currently installed at the Rutherford Appleton Research Laboratory on both ISIS and NIMROD.
  • ZHIP Mix
    • DSI is the developer and manufacturer of ZHIP (Zero Hydrogen In Product) Mix, a composite material of boron carbide (B4C) and a non-hydrogenous binder used for shielding the interior of neutron scattering equipment such as neutron sources and detectors. ZHIP Mix has superior characteristics to "crispy mix"; the open matrix structure results in lower outgassing and pumpdown time and the absence of hydrogen yields a lower albedo. ZHIP Mix is provided in premolded shapes, typically panels, which are either self-supporting or backed by a supporting aluminum sheet. Tubular forms for pipe lining and a variety of custom shapes are also available.
Products and Services