dB Control Corp.

Products and Services

Design and Manufacturing of Power Amplifiers, RF Products, Power Supplies, and Custom RF Receivers and Sources, including:

  • Power Amplifiers and High Power Amplifiers (HPA)
  • High Power TWT Amplifiers (TWTA)
  • Microwave Power Modules (MPM)
  • Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA/SSA)
  • Transmitters
  • High Voltage and Low Voltage Power Supplies with Modulators
  • RF & Microwave Components
  • Integrated High Voltage and Low Voltage Sub-Assemblies
  • Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Units (IFM)
  • Frequency Locked Oscillators (FLO)
  • Digital Control Units (DCU)
  • Antenna Control Units (ACU)
  • Integrated DCU's
  • Receivers

Specialized Services including:

  • Specialized Build-to-Print (BTP) and Contract Manufacturing
  • Cable and Harness
  • Potting and Encapsulation for High Rel. and High Altitude
  • Repair Depot Services
  • Environmental and Functional Stress Screening
  • Temperature, Altitude, Vibration, and Shock Testing
  • EMI Testing


  • U.S. Defense and Foreign Military
  • EW, ECM, Radar, Datalinks, Communications
  • Airborne, Maritime and Ground in very harsh environments
  • Commercial and Industrial (Test Measurement, Medical, Industrial)
Products and Services