Connectronics Corp. and Wiremax


Engineering Design, Development, Manufacturing& Testing of:

  • High Voltage Connectors
  • High Current Connectors
  • Underwater Connectors
  • Cable Assemblies

Extracting customer "Wants and Needs" during the concept is critical to the success of all programs at Connectronincs.

During development critical parameters are modeled to evaluate the design. Models created will be used for engineering analysis, manufacturing of tooling and production fixtures.

Connectronics' expertise with CNC machine tools ensure accurate - high quality parts from prototyping through high volume production.

"In-process" inspection of critical features and processes are designed to highlight issues and defects at the source of the problem, as well as ensuring the correct controls for the critical features are in place.

Highly skilled technicians build your assemblies to exacting standards. Optimization of design and processes are explored in order to refine them to be robust in a production environment.

Experienced and skilled test engineers and technicians validate mechanical and electrical characteristics to both internal and customer standards.

Connectronics service does not end after the delivery of the product. "In-House" customer service is always there to get the answers you need.