Analog Modules


OEM Electronics to fit your system requirements.

AMI's wide range of standard products represents a statement of capabilities. AMI's expertise in analog design results in custom electronics that are smaller, more efficient, and lower cost. AMI has decades of experience in designing laser and sensor electronics for Military, Medical, Industrial and Scientific industries.

Military Applications
  • Laser Rangefinding
  • Target Designation
  • Laser Spot Tracking
  • High Energy Lasers
Medical Applications
  • Magnetic Resonance
    • Depression and Incontinence Therapy
  • General Surgical Lasers
  • Tattoo & Hair Removal
  • Hard & Soft Tissue Dental Lasers
Industrial Applications
  • Laser Welding, Marking and Cutting
  • Sensors for Manufacturing Robotics
  • Rail Road Switching Sensors
Scientific Research
  • Bench-top Flashlamp and Diode Laser Controllers
  • Ultra High Gain, Low Noise Small Signal Amplifiers
    • Transimpedance, Voltage and Logarithmic
  • Visible to Near-IR sensors