Air Cost Control SAS

About Us

Air Cost Control is a leading stocking distributor specializing in electrical parts for the aerospace industry.

With Headquarters in Toulouse, support facilities in Miami, Hamburg, Paris, Madrid, Dubai, Beijing, Air Cost Control provides component level support to aircraft manufacturers, sub-contractors, IFE integrators, maintenance facilities and major airlines.

The extensive line of electrical hardware at Air Cost Control includes standard wire/cable, sleeving, conduit, tubing, wire terminals, connectors, accessories, circuit breakers, relays and more.

Named the 1st European VAD of 8525(EN3646), 8533(EN2997), Air Cost Control is increasing its capabilities by offering added services such as supply chain agreements, vendor management, stock (more than 30,000 parts) and kitting.

Please visit www.aircostcontrol.com to gain access to our updated inventory.

About Us