Tradeshows and Conferences


Dates Tradeshow Location Booth
August 20-23 ACPC Atlanta, Georgia  
August 22-24 Tinker and the Primes Midwest City, Oklahoma 12
August 29-01 NDIA DLA L&M Supplier Conference & Exhibition Columbus, Ohio 316
August 30-31 IATA Airline Cost Conference Geneva, Switzerland  
September 12-14 F-16 TCG WWR Ogden, Utah 124
September 14-15 IATA Maintenance Cost Conference Bangkok, Thailand  
September 14-15 Aero-Engines Europe Lisbon, Portugal  
September 25-27 ISTAT Europe Barcelona, Spain  
September 27-29 MRO Asia 2016 Singapore 902
October 11-14 LOA National Symposium Washington, DC  
October 17-20 C-130 Hercules Operators Conference Atlanta, Georgia  
October 18-20 MRO Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands 12-711
October 23-25 707 AWG Distro List & Briefing Info Orlando, Florida  
October 24-25 C-130 Technical Coordination Group (TCG) Orlando, Florida  
October 26-27 Airline E&M: North America Charlotte, North Carolina  
October 26-27 MARPA Orlando, Florida  
October 26-27 Airline E&M: Latin America & Caribbean Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
October 26-28 CAPA Global Summit Amsterdam, Netherlands  
November 09-10 Airline E&M: Central, Eastern & Southern Europe Zagreb, Croatia  
November 09-10 Airline E&M: Asia Pacific Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
November 13-15 ALTA Airlines Leaders Forum Mexico City,Mexico 28